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Is an Illustrator based in South Wales, United Kingdom

I'm a feminist Freelance Artist/Illustrator.

I have a strong passion for creating feminist art and using my work to spread awareness on topical issues such as domestic violence, female genital mutilation, and body positivity.


My image 'Tiger" is to promote female body positivity but more specifically about the stretch marks on the body.

This was recognised by a feminist organization called i_weigh and they shared it on their social media pages. This received a wealth of positive responses, with women contacting me and expressing their feelings about seeing work that represented their bodies instead of the airbrushed and filtered selfies we normally see on social media. The knowledge that I could reach that many people inspired me and it’s something I feel that I have to keep doing. It’s what I should have a career in.

Untitled_Artwork 70_edited.jpg

Latest Exhibitions

Pioneering Change - Beacons Cymru,

The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff 2023

Something Collective, Swansea College of Art - Alex Design Exchange Swansea 2022

Illustration, Umbrella Cardiff 2021 

Nova, Swansea College of Art -

Swansea Grand Theatre 2019

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