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The Best Nude

The Best Nude


Say hello to the nude you!


Our new service, The Best Nude, allows you to express yourself - wobbly bits and all! Book a unique experience to see yourself transformed into nude artwork, immortalising yourself in ink and taking self love to a whole other level.


Each piece will be printed and delivered and a digital copy will be sent to allow you to upload it to social media.



  • How to send a photo

    Once you purchase your order you will receive an email from me - with my WhatsApp to send over the reference pictures to use! 

    I have chosen WhatsApp as it is fully encrypted for your safety and if you decide to change your mind, once you delete the pictures they are deleted for both of us.

    We can also discuss colours, if you have any ideas or if you want me to have full artistic freedom!

  • Can we order a group photo?

    Of course! The more the merrier! A group photo would be a great gift for families & friends! 

    The pricing works out at £50 per extra person, however, if you're a large group I would be more than happy to work out a discount.

    You don't have to send a photo with everyone together to create the group image, you can send individual photos and I can put you together!

    For group images (more than 2 people) email me at to discuss further.

  • How long will it take?

    From the moment of purchase until it arrives at your front door can take up to 3 weeks. 

    However, the sooner you send reference photos and we discuss what you would like/any changes etc. This can speed up the process!

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